Adventures start from our small island country.

One vista, one encounter, one experience will change your whole life. Ten years from now your stories will start in Japan.


"Bring Japan's charms to the world, and reinvigorate Japan through the power of inbound travel and foreign workers."

With our company philosophy of reinvigorating Japan, we developed our three pillars of Inbound Travel, Outdoor Experiences and Foreigner Employment.
By increasing the number of foreign sightseers through Land Operation we produce new consumers at Japanese accomodations, stores and restaurants, which revitalizes Japan's economy.
Through our Outdoor Experiences we introduce visitors to the beauty of Japan's countryside, creating an opportunitiy to draw the spotlight to places yet undiscovered.
In this way, in addition to the obvious economic effect, the interation between visitors and locals reinvigorates these areas.
Through Foreign Worker Recruiting, in the midst of Japan's declining birthrate, we bring in new foreign talent that want to work in Japan and help solve Japan's worker shortage problem while simultaneously helping Japanese companies become more global.


We are specialized in introducing foreign workers to the inbound travel, outdoor experience and foreign worker industries.
We are consistent in our industries in order to have the most impact in reinvigorating Japan through foreign workers.

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    Land Operation Business

    From our Hokkaido Locations we reserve travel services across the whole of Japan.

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    Outdoor Experience Business

    From our Hokkaido Locations we provide services which make use of Japan's incredible nature.

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    Foreign Talent Employment Agency

    We introduce amazing foreigners who want to work in Japan to Japanese companies.

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    Tours planned by Japanese professionals well versed in South East Asia.
    Using our experiences living in and working at travel companies in South East Asia, we are able to understand the needs of our customers and plan travel that surpasses their expectations.
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    Through Japan's incredible nature we offer energetic, moving and connecting experiences.
    From our Hokkaido Locations we are constantly creating outdoor experiences.
    Many of Japan's most amazing natural features are yet undiscovered.
    Enjoy Hokkaido's natural beauty with an experienced nature guide.
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    We introduce foreignen workers that will support Japan in years to come.
    Using our strong connections with Cambodia, Indonesia and the whole of South East Asia, we introduce Japanese companies worried about the worker deficet to foreign employees. Currently the worker deficet is a serious problem in Japan. Mainly using the new 2019 Specified Skilled Worker visa, we can provide for your company's individualized needs. We provide one-of-a-kind support and "encounters" with incredible foreign professionals. Before you worry about the labor shortage, contact us.


"Rebrand Japan"

RI founded Chomolungma because of an experience I had 10 years ago when I was travelling the world. As a student who didn’t know how fortunate I was, it was only by experiencing the world that I came to realize how great Japan is. Clean water from the tap, streetlamps lighting the streets at night, being able to throw out food without great feelings of guilt. I was shocked to find that Japan’s baseline is not the norm for the rest of the world.

From the end of the war through the miracle economic recovery, Japan has contributed to the world’s infrastructure build up. Had it not been for this era I might not even be in the position I am now. Because of that I have great respect for Japan. When compared to the rest of the world, we have been able to lead very convenient lives in Japan; however, Japan’s bright future is also beset by a shadow: the serious issue of its declining population.

The solution for Japan’s declining population, as well as the myriad other problems it brings, may hinge upon the Japanese brand that has been built up in previous eras. I believe that we will have to find a new approach to branding our country going forward.

Broadcasting Japan’s culture and nature to the world at large. Having people want to visit Japan over and over. Making Japan a country where foreigners want to work.

We will rebrand Japan. It’s an ambitious goal, but I believe it is our duty.

CEO Yokoyama Sanshiro

Outdoor Service


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